Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend gig in LA with "Omar"

The Temple Bar in Santa Monica CA and the Little Temple in Silverlake were packed with screaming fans to see "Omar", who performed in LA after a 10 year absence! I was recommended to Raleigh Neal, Omars MD by my good friend, guitarist Earl Harris.

Omars flight was delayed and he did not get to the club until 7.30 pm on the night of the show. We barely had half an hour to run through beginnings and endings of the show and play the show at midnight! The band sounded tight and was well recieved. I spent two whole days prior to the gig writing out detailed charts of the set, and that helped me be relaxed and confident through out the night.

Prior to getting a CD to learn the material I had not heard Omars music. Omar's music is Funky and soulful with hints of the Carribean and Hip-hop. He is a very talented singer, song writer and keyboard player. I look forward to playing with them again. To hear Omars music visit