Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Saturday night at La va lee !

It 's been a while since I performed with my friends Bill Brendle, Kevin Ricard, Grecco Burrato, Tony Shogren and Katia Moraes. Our band Sambaguru has been around for a while. I started playing with Tony, Bill and Katia 12 years ago! We formed a band called Brasil Nuts, which later evolved into Sambuguru featuring Katia Moraes. It is an amazing band that plays almost all the styles of music from Brasil from Baiao, Samba, Partido Alto, afoxe to Samba funk and more! It was a gas playing with them again and we all had a lot of laughs! If you are in town, pls drop by and see us. We play at La va lee at least once a month. Ciao, until the next time.