Friday, November 18, 2005

Thank you Elixir strings!

For years I have been trying all kinds of bass strings with no hope in sight! I have very acidic hands and forty five minutes of playing would completely kill the tone of any string out there on the market. I would have to change strings in between every set when I was on tour and thats no way to enjoy your break!

One day bassist Andrew ford gave me a set of Elixir bass strings to try out and that changed my life! Elixir's would last two to three weeks depending on how often I played them and how much I sweat. I was a convert! I only changed strings three times during the six week long yanni tour, playing five nights a week. My tech John Blum was very happy that he did not have to change my strings often.

Thank you Elixir for an amazing sounding string that lasts longer than anything out there.

Hussain Jiffry

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Julio Figueroa CD

Hi there,
We are tracking Julio Figueroa's upcoming CD at our studio next week. The CD will feature Rique Pantoja - keys, Michael Angel - guitar, Alex Acuna - perc, Justo Almario - sax Jon Montalban - vocals and myself on bass. Looking forward to it, should be fun! Will keep you posted

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Adam Jackson CD done!

We finished Adam's CD in under a month. From tracking to mixing,mastering and getting the CD's duplicated. The album really sounds amazing! Adam sang his ass off and all of the musicians played so very well! Look for Adams website, it should be up soon. You can also down load two tunes of Adam's from my soundbytes page.

We are done tracking bass and drums for Edwin Moldnado's upcoming CD. Should start the over dubs by next week. Will keep you posted.