Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back from Sri Lanka!

Hi everyone!
It's great to be back home. Marita and I were in SriLanka for two weeks. It was work and vacation! I performed with the Al McKay all stars in Colombo on Valentines day. It was a very special gig for me as I grew up with the music of EWF and to share the stage with Al was very special. The gig was held at the CR&FC rugby grounds. We opened the night followed by Kool and the gang! Most of our friends and family were there to see us.

After the concert Marita and I went to Kandalama, a hotel built into a rock in the city of Dambulla about 4 hours from Colombo. We had a very relaxed three days there. We climbed "Sigiriya" and rode an elephant named Ran Manika, she was beautiful! I fed her two whole Pineapples and she loved it. We wished that we had stayed there longer, but I had to get right back into the studio the very next day after we arrived!

Studio news: Erika Walckzak and I wrote a jingle for SunMaid raisins, which is being currently aired on national TV. I produced, arranged and recorded the piece at our studio. Allan Hinds and David Levitt played acoustic guitars. David Well's CD is coming along very nicely, we had Russell Ferrante over at the studio for two days and he came up with some amazing parts. We start tracking Davids vocals this week. We have also started Nita Whittakers upcoming CD. She is a very soulful singer and a very good song writer too. Edwin Maldonado's CD is mixed and should be mastered this week. Julio Figueroa and I are working on a Christian artists CD, will keep you updated.



Lori Miller said...

What a beautiful elephant she was! I just love elephants! They are very wise! What a great experience that must have been!

5:51 AM  

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